About the Author
Lauresa Tomlinson

          Lauresa was born in the U.S.A. and started telling stories to entertain those around her at 
          a very early age. She is the mother of six and the grandmother of seven. She has
          lived in nearly all of the states in the USA and for a short time lived in Mexico 
          and Canada. 

          While taking a few part time classes at a local JC, she was told she needed to 
          start writing down her stories. One of those classes was a SiFi writing class. The 
          final was to write a story. She asked how long, thinking that the one in her head 
          would be maybe five pages. That story ended up being a trilogy known as "Elaytay's 
          Adventurers in Space and Time. She said that she had only written about three pages 
          when the story came alive and at times it was like watching a movie and at other 
          times it was like being in the movie. The conversations were typed in as fast as she  
          could type. She said it was a lot of fun. Then her teacher said it was time to turn 
          it in, so she ended part one quickly with "She got on her ship and went home". She 
          was told she needed to finish the story by her teacher and she did. Part three is a 
          collection of travels and each chapter is a different story. When Elaytay got back 
          home she found that her planet had learned how to time travel.

          At this point Lauresa is the author and illustrator of 14 books available world wide.
          When ask what her goal was for writing, she said she had a few. One was to see 
          imagination stay alive and well in a good and productive space. Because imagination 
          is the base of tomorrow’s world. She also hopes people enjoy the stories and when   
          enough books sell she can see another dream come true. And that is to help with 
          housing for the poor.
          She tells me that Love, Laughter, and Learning keeps one young.