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Magic Under the Pear Tree
Look Inside

Book designed for ages 9yr and up
measures 6"x9" with over 196 pages and colored pictures

Magic Under the Pear Tree

                      This chapter book can be a read alone. This is also another
                      adventure with Amy. This time she is having a short visit
                      with her grandparents. She has been told stories about the
                      wee folk and fairies most of her life. But will be her first
                      time being able to get to know a Rubump on a personal level.
                      There adventure include inventions and getting lost in another 
                      realm. Finding out ways to feel as if you were very small
                      and hopefully helping your imagination grow in great ways.

                      What are they inventing next. And just what is a Rubump?

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Hardcover $24.99

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